I’ve been an SEO professional since 2010, with over 180 sites/clients managed thus far. I got my start after launching my own cycling blog and website: Culture Cycles. Within the first year of launching, Culture Cycles was receiving over 20,000 impressions per month and achieved a page rank of 3. Six months before graduating Champlain College in 2011, I was offered a position at Curve Trends Marketing where I managed search engine optimization for numerous clients and e-commerce sites with a global reach. 

After cutting my teeth in SEO, Paid Search, Paid Social and Adwords at Curve Trends, I accepted a position at Dealer.com - the industry leader in Automotive Websites, SEO, Advertising and CRM as an SEO Analyst. After my first year, I was promoted to be one of three analysts assigned to manage SEO campaigns for a Fortune 500 auto group.  I was also selected by Dr. Elaine Young, a Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing Professor at Champlain College, to mentor a senior capstone marketing student interested in learning about SEO & Digital Marketing from a young professional and recent graduate.  

I’m currently based in Shanghai, China working as as E-Commerce Manager and am available as an SEO Consultant. Interested in an experienced and reliable SEO? Let's chat! For more, be sure to visit me on LinkedIn or connect with me on Twitter