End of November Update

Little update as we near the end of November. 

I just added a new page to the site, the /now page. It lists what I'm currently working on and what I hope to work on in the near future. I'll be updating this page pretty frequently as I embark on new projects and complete current ones. Thank you to Derek Sivers for the inspiration here. 

While I've been familiar with HTML & CSS for a while now, I've set an early resolution for 2017 to learn Python. I'm giving myself until June to become comfortable in it and want to ship a Python project by the end of July. There, I said it. Now let's see how my follow-through is. 

I've been shooting a lot of film recently with my Contax T2. Check out my 35mm page as I'll keep it adding to it as the rolls come back. 

This weekend is Asia's first skateboard film festival, PUSH FEST, put on by my good friend's at PUSH. The flyer is below and more info is available on Culture Cycles as well as Pushfest.co.